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Do I qualify for health insurance outside of open enrollment?

The answer is YES you can buy health insurance year round!  

While the ACA marketplace has an open enrollment period from November 1st-December 15th, you can still enroll into the ACA marketplace outside of that date. We are experts at finding ACA plans that meet the minimum essential requirements.

Although every policy is different, we understand each one completely and can lay out the plan details to you in a simplified way that will allow you to understand the plan and how the benefits work.

Is there a deductible?

Indemnity Plans

Indemnity plans have NO DEDUCTIBLE and the rates are usually locked in, some carriers increase their rates minimally every couple years but typically when you sign up for an indemnity plan the rates will not go up.  

Short Term Plans

A short term plan is usually locked in for the term of the plan and have deductibles that reset once the term is over.

ACA Plans

Affordable Care Act plans are typically available during open enrollment from November 1st through December 15th, however you may qualify outside of that time frame. 

Inside Tip: ACA Plans!

On the private market no one really keeps their ACA plans very long, because the rates tend to increase every couple of months for ACA plans. If your undergoing serious medical treatment (IE Chemotherapy etc) then it may behoove you to keep your current ACA plan until the next open enrollment. At that point you could switch to a different ACA plan during the enrollment period.

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